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So I took last Friday off to clean out my garage and ended up using the time to listen to the new Kendrick record, DAMN. over and over again. It was a glorious, uninterrupted stretch of several hours, but even that wasn't enough to really understand everything he covers on it. DAMN. is dense, packed with religious imagery, deep thoughts on race, fame and identity, and a whole lot of personal stories and memories. Those are some initial observations.

What's weirder? A hip-hop loving Bill Nye the Science Guy, or a science-loving Tyler, the Creator?

There is regular brains rock music and there is broken brains rock music. No slight against the former, but sometimes squares gotta be oblonged and thought patterns obliterated. Mark Feehan and Kilynn Lunsford both made a regular habit of scrambling brains with Harry Pussy and Little Claw, respectively, but with their new Philly-based band, they rock the body manic.

Metropolis: 4/15/2017

Apr 18, 2017

Set List

  • Inner City, "Good Life" (Virgin)
  • Rythim Is Rhythim, "Strings Of Life" (Transmat)
  • Trentemøller, "One Eye Open" (In My Room)
  • Depeche Mode, "You Move [Jason Bentley Remix]" (Columbia)
  • Goldfrapp, "Systematic" (Mute)
  • Busy P, "Genie [feat. Mayer Hawthorne]" (Ed Banger)
  • Louis The Child, "Love Is Alive [feat. Elohim]" (Ultra)
  • !!!, "The One 2" (Warp Records)

I am usually one to avoid bands with jokey names, but Cende snuck in with pretty, emo-tinged power pop before I could roll my eyes.

Katie Crutchfield has been nothing but honest as Waxahatchee. Her careful words carry keen insight — and she writes sharp songs to match. Waxahatchee's fourth album, Out In The Storm, takes a hard look not just at broken relationship, but also at the spiraling aftermath.