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World Cafe
4:44 pm
Thu March 12, 2015

JJ Grey & Mofro On World Cafe

JJ Grey.
Kelsey Stanger WXPN

JJ Grey lives in Northern Florida on what used to be his family's pecan farm — a perfect place for a band like Mofro to practice in solitude. It's in the Northern Florida/Georgia sweet spot for soul singers, another way it's ideal for Grey.

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World Cafe
2:13 pm
Wed March 11, 2015

New Madrid On World Cafe

New Madrid.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Thu March 12, 2015 10:00 am

The Athens, Ga., indie-rock band New Madrid has released two albums, including last year's Sunswimmer, since forming in 2012. The group members acquired a space far enough outside town that they could live together and work on their songs in relative privacy. This allows them to get inspired by Athens' music scene and run home to jam and explore new ideas in the middle of the night.

On this episode of World Cafe, the band performs a few of its songs and discusses its name and history.

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World Cafe
2:36 pm
Tue March 10, 2015

Kishi Bashi On World Cafe

Kishi Bashi.
Rich McKie WXPN

Kishi Bashi, a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist K Ishibashi, creates an otherworldly musical experience. On this episode of World Cafe, a string quartet joins Ishibashi to translate arrangements he often plays solo, looping his parts into complex arrangements.

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World Cafe
2:20 pm
Mon March 9, 2015

World Cafe Next: Feufollet

Allison Bohl Dehart Courtesy of the artist

The Lafayette, La., band Feufollet is this week's World Cafe: Next artist. The title of its new album, Two Universes, contains multiple references: the French and English language and culture of Southwest Louisiana, the band's two songwriters (Chris Stafford and Kelli Jones-Savoy), and Feufollet's willingness to straddle the worlds of pop and traditional Cajun music. Hear and download two of its songs on this page.

World Cafe
2:14 pm
Mon March 9, 2015

Steve Earle And The Dukes On World Cafe

Steve Earle.
Ted Barron Courtesy of the artist

Steve Earle is back on World Cafe, and he has the blues. His new album — titled Terraplane, named for a Robert Johnson song — draws from the genre both musically and lyrically.

Earle is going through a divorce, his seventh, after an eight-year marriage to singer Allison Moorer. But even with that backdrop, these blues songs aren't downers. As Earle says here, Terraplane couldn't have happened without his current cast of backing players in The Dukes, who take it to the crossroads in this session.

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World Cafe
1:58 pm
Thu March 5, 2015

Joan Shelley On World Cafe

Joan Shelley.
Michael Wilson Courtesy of the artist

Joan Shelley's music takes time to work its magic. Last year, the Louisville folk-pop singer released Electric Ursa, a patient record whose languid beauty builds and unfolds over time. Here, she performs a few of its songs for World Cafe.

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World Cafe
1:11 pm
Wed March 4, 2015

PHOX On World Cafe

Rocco Peditto WXPN

Originally published on Wed March 4, 2015 5:22 pm

PHOX's members grew up together — attending high school in Baraboo, Wisconsin — but it took some time out in the world before they decided to form a band in the nearby college town of Madison.

Together, they built PHOX's sound around the irresistible, smoky-shy voice of Monica Martin. PHOX released its charming self-titled debut last year, and today World Cafe catches up with the group on stage at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

World Cafe
11:39 am
Tue March 3, 2015

Sinkane On World Cafe

Erez Avissar Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Wed March 4, 2015 5:26 pm

There's something entrancing about the electro-funk of Sinkane. The Brooklyn band is led by Ahmed Gallab, who spent time in Sudan as a child before moving around the U.S.

Sinkane subtly incorporates East African sounds, complete with a loping repetition of lyrics and musical phrases. Last year, the band released its third album, Mean Love, and it's the most concise and poppy Sinkane record yet.

World Cafe
5:13 pm
Mon March 2, 2015

World Cafe Next: Nora Jane Struthers And The Party Line

Nora Jane Struthers And The Party Line.
Todd Roeth Courtesy of the artist

Today's World Cafe: Next artist is Nora Jane Struthers And The Party Line, which just released a new album called Wake. It's Struthers' third record in a career that finds her transitioning from bluegrass roots to a sound that encompasses pop and country. Hear and download two of Struthers' songs on this page.

World Cafe
5:00 pm
Mon March 2, 2015

World Cafe: The Music Of 'Orange Is The New Black'

The musicians of Orange Is The New Black.
Rich McKie WXPN

The scoring of TV shows is not all done in a big studio with giant monitors and orchestras. For example, the music in Orange Is The New Black gets made in a tiny, cramped garage behind a home in Altadena. There, Gwendolyn Sanford, Scott Doherty and Brandon Jay toil for long hours, collaborating with the producers in pursuit of the right sound to complement what's on the screen.

In this segment, they're joined by Ben Vaughn, whose twangy surf guitar proved to be the right sound for a show about aliens living on earth: Third Rock From The Sun.

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