Mark Grube en World Cafe, August 25 - 29 <p>It's another interesting and eclectic line-up on World Cafe this week. Tune in daily at 2pm!</p><p></p><p><strong>Monday, August 25, 2014</strong></p><p>Irish musician <strong>Hozier</strong>'s debut single, "Take Me to Church," was an overnight success, and now comes his blues-inspired EP, <em>From Eden</em>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, August 26, 2014</strong></p><p><strong>Sharon Van Etten</strong> performs live with songs from her lush and deeply personal new record, <em>Are We There. </em></p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, August 27, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:39:57 +0000 Mark Grube 7456 at World Cafe, August 25 - 29 World Cafe, August 18-22 <p>Here's this week's lineup for World Cafe. You can hear the live performance and conversation every day at 2.</p><p></p><p><strong>Monday, August 18, 2014</strong></p><p>Vintage Cafe revisits a 2013 interview with <strong>Jim James</strong> of My Morning Jacket just after the release of his debut solo album, <em>Regions of Light and Sound of God</em>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, August 19, 2014</strong></p><p><em>Counting on You</em> is the debut record of London-based soul singer, <strong>Christian Gregory</strong>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, August 20, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 14:03:26 +0000 Mark Grube 7446 at World Cafe, August 18-22 World Cafe, August 11-15 <p>Nice variety of guests on the Cafe this week!</p><p></p><p><strong>Monday, August 11, 2014</strong></p><p>Travel back in time to the 2011 release of <strong>James Blake</strong>’s self-titled debut album on this edition of Vintage Cafe.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, August 12, 2014</strong></p><p><em>Somewhere Else</em> is the third studio album from alt-country musician, <strong>Lydia Loveless</strong>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, August 13, 2014</strong></p><p>Singer-songwriter and producer, <strong>Jonathan Wilson</strong>, has released his second solo album, <em>Fanfare</em>.</p> Sat, 09 Aug 2014 15:04:59 +0000 Mark Grube 7437 at World Cafe, August 11-15 World Cafe, August 4-8 <p>It's another week of music and conversation with David Dye. Join us afternoons at 2!</p><p></p><p><strong>Monday, August 4, 2014</strong></p><p>On this Vintage Cafe, World Cafe looks back to 2010 for an interview with cross-over artist, <strong>Janelle Monae</strong>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, August 5, 2014</strong></p><p><em>No Fools, No Fun</em> is the debut album from Norah Jones’ Brooklyn country band, <strong>Puss N Boots</strong>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, August 6, 2014</strong></p> Tue, 05 Aug 2014 13:23:17 +0000 Mark Grube 7426 at World Cafe, August 4-8 World Cafe, July 28 - August 1 <p>World Cafe airs weekdays at 2pm. Here's the lineup for this week.</p><p></p><p><strong>Monday, July 28, 2014</strong></p><p>David Dye revisits his 2011 conversation with<strong> Fitz and the Tantrums </strong>on this edition of the Vintage Cafe.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, July 29, 2014</strong></p><p><strong>Jenny Lewis</strong> of the indie-rock band Rilo Kiley has a new solo album called <em>The Voyager</em>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, July 30, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:39:41 +0000 Mark Grube 7397 at World Cafe, July 28 - August 1 World Cafe, July 21-25 <p>Here's the line-up for this week! World Cafe airs at 2pm.</p><p></p><p>Monday, July 21, 2014</p><p>On this Vintage Cafe, David Dye looks back at his 2009 conversation with <strong>The Avett Brothers</strong>.</p><p></p><p>Tuesday, July 22, 2014</p><p>Founding member of Everything But The Girl, English musician <strong>Ben Watt</strong> has a new solo record called Hendra.</p><p></p><p>Wednesday, July 23, 2014</p><p>Hüsker Dü frontman, <strong>Bob Mould</strong>, just released his 11th solo album, Beauty &amp; Ruin.</p><p></p><p>Thursday, July 24, 2014</p> Mon, 21 Jul 2014 13:55:02 +0000 Mark Grube 7288 at World Cafe, July 21-25 World Cafe, July 14-18 <p>Kinda muggy this week. Come along with us to Iceland on World Cafe, starting at 2pm.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Monday, July 14, 2014 </strong></p><p>Take a musical journey through Iceland on this week's Sense of Place series, which begins today with a Vintage Cafe with Ásgeir. Plus, we find out about the best new Icelandic bands with Oli P. from Reykjavik’s Ras 2 Radio.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, July 15, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 14 Jul 2014 17:42:11 +0000 Mark Grube 7191 at World Cafe, July 14-18 World Cafe, July 7-11 <p>It's another week of live music and conversation on World Cafe!</p><p><strong>Monday, July 7<sup>th</sup>, 2014</strong></p><p>On this Vintage Cafe, English band, <strong>The xx</strong> play live music from their sophomore record, <em>Coexist</em>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, July 8<sup>th</sup>, 2014</strong></p><p>Singer-songwriter and Grammy award winning producer, <strong>Joe Henry</strong> performs new music from his album, <em>Invisible Hour</em>.</p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, July 9<sup>th</sup>, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 07 Jul 2014 13:51:18 +0000 Mark Grube 7096 at World Cafe, July 7-11 World Cafe, June 30 - July 4 <p>Here's the line-up for this week. The show airs from 2-4pm.</p><p><strong>Monday, June 30<sup>th</sup>, 2014</strong></p><p><strong>Jason Isbell </strong>and<strong> Amanda Shires</strong> have separate recording careers, but they played a special duo performance on this Vintage Cafe from 2013.</p><p></p><p><strong>Tuesday, July 1<sup>st</sup>, 2014</strong></p><p><strong>John </strong><strong>Fullbright</strong>'s remarkable debut earned a Grammy nomination two years ago, and <em>Songs</em> is the brand new follow-up.</p><p></p><p><strong>Wednesday, July 2<sup>nd</sup>, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 30 Jun 2014 13:16:44 +0000 Mark Grube 7007 at World Cafe, June 30 - July 4 World Cafe, June 23-27 <p>Here's the guest list for World Cafe this week. Tune in from 2-4pm!</p><p><strong>Monday, June 23<sup>rd</sup>, 2014</strong></p> Mon, 23 Jun 2014 15:36:53 +0000 Mark Grube 6912 at World Cafe, June 23-27