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World Cafe Next: The Cactus Blossoms

Dec 14, 2015

Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum are The Cactus Blossoms. With their sibling harmonies and retro-leaning country songs, their music conjures images of The Everly Brothers. And, as it happens, Torrey and Burkum are from Minneapolis, where World Cafe just traveled for its Sense Of Place series.

Sense Of Place Minneapolis: The Jayhawks

Dec 11, 2015

The Jayhawks' music has been a part of the Twin Cities scene for three decades now. Gary Louris and original member Mark Olson began playing together in 1985, right in the heart of the Twin Cities punk explosion. Their folk-influenced alt-country sound went a bit against the grain, but they teamed up to form one of Minneapolis' most beloved bands.

Sense Of Place Minneapolis: Chris Osgood

Dec 11, 2015

Take a video tour of Twin Cities music history with musician Chris Osgood. Osgood was a founding member of The Suicide Commandos, which belonged to a punk scene that blossomed with The Replacements and Hüsker Dü. (As a matter of fact, Osgood was Bob Mould's guitar teacher.)

Hear interviews with two of the men who played a role in the story of legendary Twin Cities rock band The Replacements.

Sense Of Place Minneapolis: Low

Dec 10, 2015

Low formed more than two decades ago in Duluth, Minn., about two and a half hours north of Minneapolis. Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals) and his wife Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) are the core members; they've played with a number of bassists over the years. In its early days, Low was seen as a reaction to the grunge that dominated in the '90s, as the band played slowly and quietly in a style many called slowcore.

Garrison Keillor might be the perfect person to talk about the Twin Cities. The longtime host of public radio staple A Prairie Home Companion has lived in the area most of his life and says he doesn't see himself leaving, even after he turns the show over to Punch Brothers' Chris Thile next year.

John Mark Nelson released his first album independently while he was still a junior in high school. Local radio, including The Current, embraced his song "Reminisce" — an encouraging start for a musician who'd already found the sound he wanted in his head. Nelson's new album, I'm Not Afraid, is his fourth, and his first since signing with GRNDWIRE Records. Nelson has thrived in the supportive Twin Cities music scene, and is ready for a wider audience.

Sense Of Place Minneapolis: Frankie Lee

Dec 9, 2015

Twin Cities alt-country singer Frankie Lee recently released his first full-length album, American Dreamer. It's a strong debut that reflects Lee's musical upbringing: His musician father died when Lee was 12, but his dad's friends were also musicians who took him to clubs where they were playing. Sometimes, they even parked him under the soundboard so he could soak up everything.

John Munson knows his way around the Twin Cities, and he should. The bassist has played in bands there for a long time, including Trip Shakespeare, The New Standards and, most successfully, Semisonic.