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Lo Moon On World Cafe

Feb 2, 2018

The first time I saw Lo Moon perform live was a year ago. I remember being knocked out by the band's dynamics. They can let a song simmer and build and take its time. And that approach to songs is exactly how Lo Moon is approaching their career: simmer, build, time.

The NPR Slingshot band released their first single, "Loveless," in September of 2016 and are finally set to release their self-titled debut on February 23.

A few things can happen when a band really lets their public presence stew for a while. They can earn a reputation for being mysterious, which is a word that almost always gets tossed around when talking about Lo Moon, they can pick up a whole lot of buzz — also true for Lo Moon — and they can get incredibly good at playing live. You'll hear the latter of the three in this session.

I talked to lead singer Matt Lowell about love, a theme that dominates Lo Moon's debut record and the surprising career path he almost ended up on. We'll also talk about how Matt got together with his bandmates, Crisanta Baker and Sam Stewart (whose father, Dave Stewart, co-founded Eurythmics with Annie Lennox). But first, let's pop the lid off and hear what Lo Moon has been cooking up all this time, starting with a live performance of their song, "Loveless."

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