Blacks and Blues

Genre:  Blues

Jazz From The Cellar

Genre:  Jazz

The Blues Mobile With Elwood Blues

Genre: Weekly Bluesmobile Radio Hour

The Blues Mobile with Elwood Blues is a weekly program hosted by Elwood Blues (a.k.a. Dan Aykroyd). Since 1993, the The Blues Mobile with Elwood Blues (formerly the House of Blues Radio Hour) has played blues and other forms of music which have their roots in the blues, such as R&B, soul and rock & roll. Featured guests have included BB King, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker and the Rolling Stones.


The Keys

Great Music that is heavy on the keyboards.

American Routes

Genre:  Music of America

American Routes is a two-hour weekly excursion into American music, spanning eras and genres—roots rock and soul, blues and country, jazz, gospel and beyond.



Genre:  R &B

Gumbo Variations

Genre: Music mix

Welcome to Gumbo Variations, where every week at this time we’ll cook up a musical stew to satisfy your hungry ears. We’ll start with a roux of jazz and blues, add some meaty rock and roll, spice it up with some folk, country, and bluegrass, add some saucy R&B and world music, and serve it up on a big plate of Americana.

Sound Opinions

The World's Only Rock & Roll Talk Show


Whole Lotta Shakin'

Since 1984, 'Playing music inspired by the rock 'n' roll explosion of 1955-1966: From the original artists in the mid-50's through today's rock 'n' rollers that carry on the tradition! Greasy R&B, Rockabilly, Instrumental, Surf, Twist, British Invasion, Garage Rock, Novelty, Glam, Pub Rock, a bit of 'late 1970's & Punk/New Wave for good measure, and all the artists who have sparked the rock 'n' roll revivals starting in the 1980's and still going strong today, with an emphasis on music created right here in Rockin' Rochester!